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Albatross - Reggetiko Project

Nominated for Best Short Documentary


Year: 2020

Country: Greece

Duration: 17'

Language: English, Greek

Director: Charalambos Charalambous

Production: Reggetiko Project

Cast: Theodoros Koumartzis, Sokrates Votskos, Linos Tzelos, Marios Podaras, Nikos Varelas, Andrie Evripidou, Milcho Leviev

Albatross - Reggetiko Project.jpg

Short documentary about the experimental music collective Reggetiko Project. Members of the music ensemble and guest musician Milcho Leviev, discuss their connection to music and each other, as they complete their latest album, Albatross. The albatross is a symbol of perfect, effortless symbiosis with nature. Through their music, Reggetiko Project attempts to explore a symbiosis between themselves, resulting in effortless harmony. Like the albatross’ name, the music of Reggetiko Project is also multicultural in its origin, merging numerous traditions to create something entirely new.

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