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Errika Zacharopoulou

Best Short Film Jury

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Errika Zacharopoulou is a Greek film curator and artist with an academic background in film production and curation at the University of York (BSc) and the University of Glasgow (MSc) as well as a Fashion Photography diploma from Central Saint Martins. Starting out with the production of two short documentaries, Errika moved on working with organisations such as Sugar High Films and Sundance Channel, and has now worked as a programmer for The Aegean Film Festival and as a member of the selection committee for Glasgow Short Film Festival.


Her independent work involves photography and moving image exhibitions at Project Cafe (GLA) and 16 Nicholson Street Gallery & Arts Collective, as well as collaborations with the Center for The Contemporary Arts (CCA) and SlowFood Glasgow. In July 2020 Errika became the Production Coordinator of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports' programme: "All of Greece One Culture 2020" and was selected to take part in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s Recharge Youth Programme as a photographer for the Greek National Opera.

Best Short Film Winner: BONOBO

Bonobo directed by Zoel Aeschbacher is definitely a film worth watching more than once - maybe thrice. The story and premise is simple and clean. Three characters living in a working class apartment-building get intertwined in a modern tragedy due to a broken elevator. The film does justice in representing issues of class through an almost ancient form of tragic storytelling. The cinematography follows exactly the same path. Beautiful natural light and tight close ups as well as the use of 4:3 ratio create a claustrophobic cosmos through which it seems impossible to escape. The collaboration of Zoel with Dino Berguglia was definitely a very successful one and I can’t wait to see their new stories! 

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