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Dimitris Skyllas: Afterpop

Best Greek Feature Production

Dimitrios Zivopoulos

54' • Greece • 2022

English, Modern Greek (1453-)

Who is more pop, Madonna or Beethoven? From the Greek mountains to BBC’s grand stages, the 35-year-old provocative composer Dimitrios Skyllas reveals the secrets of today's music-making. The sacred musician, the party freak, and all the life in-between. A visionary gesture to break the stereotypes of classical music in our fast, pop-consuming universe. AFTERPOP was made to bring a fresh, personal perspective of what the real meaning of pop is. Following the creative life of the composer Dimitris Skyllas, the film functions as a contemporary statement of what it means to be an active, young composer in the 21st century, surrounded by constant influences of pop culture. Through a journey that begins on the bucolic cliffs of Greek mountain Pelion and meets its climax at the Barbican Centre's main stage, Skyllas represents a vivid proof that right here, right now, classical composers and other intellectual creatives are no different to popstars. They live among us; they eat, they laugh, the make love, they worry, they dance ecstatically at a party.

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