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Eindis Ends It All

Best International Short Film

Tamara Rosenfeld

14' • United States • 2022


Eindis is a woman at the end of her rope. Figuratively. Literally, she’s still working on finding one that’s long enough. Eindis Ends It All is a sci-fi comedy about a woman on a mission to get her shit together by spending time in nature. As one does. Instead, she finds herself inexplicably trapped in a post-apocalyptic world with only herself and her new best friend—a mop with buttons for eyes. With no explanation of how she got there and no clues on how to get home, Eindis is ready to give up when a man suddenly appears over a year after her arrival. His appearance raises more questions than it answers, but Eindis becomes determined to find the truth. Or at least to pass the time trying.

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