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Best Feature Documentary

Andy Mackinnon, Kirsty Morag MacDonald

88' • United Kingdom • 2022

English, Scottish Gaelic

Dùthchas | Home is a poignant, touching and emotive exploration of what it meant - and still means - to people, especially women, to have to leave the island of their birth to get an education, work, and live. We explore the effects of the resulting cultural and linguistic loss. Featuring unique and unseen archive film footage, contemporary interviews and a powerful soundtrack composed by Donald Shaw, this will be a particularly moving film for anyone with a connection with the Hebrides. This fascinating and unique collection of archive footage from the 60s and 70s reveals repeated iconic scenes of leaving the island, friends and relatives on the pier waving as they recede into the distance. Although the film is silent, you can almost hear the keening.

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