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Sofia Gkortzi

Best Short Documentary Jury

Sofia Gkortzi.jpg

Sofia Gkortzi was born in 1990, in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Her passion for the moving image led her to study Culture and Documentary Film Production.


For many years now she has been an active photographer, videographer and documentary director.


Her short documentary Yedi Koule a Place of Remembrance was premiered in the 19th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

Best Short Documentary Winner: HUNGER WARD

A punch in the gut. Hunger Ward was hard to watch but also necessary. This film doesn't have to try hard to shock you, just a single close up of a child's face is enough to remain forever in your head. Despite its sensitive content, it depicts reality with composure, honesty and respect towards its filming subjects. In a sea of human bleakness, Hunger Ward offers you a stunning cinematography, with some shots taken directly from art exhibitions. A film to definitely watch. So that you won't be able to say again "I had no idea these things were happening in our time".

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