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The Parrot Lady
(Η γυναίκα με τους παπαγάλους)

Nominated for Best Animated Film


Year: 2020

Country: Cyprus

Duration: 7'

Language: Greek

Producer & Director: Michalis Kalopaidis

Production: Zedem Media, Cyprus Ministry of Education Culture & Youth

Script: Georgia Bloo Nikolaou

Narration: Marina Mandri

Art Director: Constantinos Hadjidemetri 

Animation: Andria Pourouti, Eleni Catharine Demetriou, Demetra Ntakaki, Maria Savva, Lydia Huijbregts Jaen, Mara Ungureanu, Rafael Kallistratou, Michalis Kontonikola, Rafael Englezos, Kostis Kyriakou, Stavros Christoforou, Mari Kask, Alexandros Kimonides, Thanos Giouvanoudis 

Compositing & VFX: Maria Savva

Storyboarding: Constantinos Hadjidemetri, Jeanne Bornet, Dimitra Ntakaki

Sound Design: Andreas Trachonitis

Translation: Effie Gavriel

Music: Eleni Era

The Parrot Lady.jpg

The parrot lady' is inspired by a true story. The film works as an artistic interpretation of a woman's life who chose to live on the streets with her parrots, afraid  of dying alone in her home.

Michalis Kalopaidis - Headshot.jpg

Michalis Kalopaidis is an Animation Director and Producer. In 2008 he founded the animation studio Zedem Media, Cyprus' largest and longest running Animation Studio. He is a founding member of the Cyprus Animation Association, the National Representative of ASIFA Cyprus, a member of the Cyprus Directors Guild and the President of the Larnaka Famagusta Cinema Society, a non-profit organization.

Michalis, holds a BA in Media Management from Columbia College Chicago and an MA in Media & Cultural Studies from Middlesex University, London. He is the Delegate Producer of the short film 'Dragon Recipes'(2019) as well as the the Producer & Co-Director of the short film 'Mesut', which has been selected to be presented at the 'Animation du Monde' pitching forum of MIFA Annecy in 2021. 'The Parrot Lady' is his first personal film as Director.

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