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Wings of the Spirit

Nominated for Best Comedy Film


Year: 2019

Country: Austria

Duration: 29'

Language: German

Director: Albert Meisl

Writer: Albert Meisl

Producer: Lena Weiss
Cast: Rafael Haider, Erwin Riedenschneider, Graham Parkes, Abe Gruber, Hilde Dalik, Alexander

Wings of the spirit.png

The failed Viennese musicologist Szabo works as an animal carer and house sitter for wealthy people. But when visited by his successful, younger ex-colleague Fitzthum, a rare parrot, which he should guard, escapes him. Szabo sees his already precarious life in shambles, but Fitzthum has a brilliant idea and together they go out in search of a doppelganger of the precious animal.

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