Best Greek Film: The Surface of Things

Best Feature Film: Buck Run

Best Short Film: EMMA

Best Feature Documentary: Trace

Best Short Documentary: Neither Roses, Nor Daisies

Best Drama Short: Whoever Was Using This Bed

Best Comedy Feature: Love Possibly

Best Comedy Short: O.I.

Best Experimental: Transient Passengers

Best Writer: The Greek Passage

Best Animation: Two Balloons

Best Student Director: Blue Noise

Best Screenplay: Time Police: the Curious Case of the Devil Dogs

Best Director: 安 (Lullaby)

Best Producer: Cassidy Red

Best Cinematographer: One Sunny Day

Best Music (in a film): Petit Four

Best Music Video: Rooftops

Special Mention: exodus


August 15 2020 - Cinema Kamari

Santorini Film Festival welcomes you to the island of beautiful sunsets, for a night of celebrating remarkable independent cinema.

The first international independent film festival on the island is open to any indie filmmaker, regardless of budget, style or genre, who is looking for a platform to share their work with an audience eager to see great films.

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