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Bumper (Le Créneau)

Nominated for Best Comedy Short


Year: 2018

Country: France

Duration: 18'

Language: French

Director: Ralantoaritsimba Nirina
Script: Ralantoaritsimba Nirina
Producer: Ralanto Julien


Max is an ambitious young man. For years, he has dreamed of being accepted at a prestigious political science institute. He plans to spend the night before his oral exam at his grandmother's house, just near where the exam will be held, hoping it will give him the best chance of succeeding. But when he gets there, Max finds out that his grandma has decided to retake her driving test.

Ralantoaritsimba Nirina.jpg

Nirina is half from France and half from Madagascar and considers herself as multicultural. In fact, she used to live in San Diego in the US, as a French teacher and this californian life influenced her whole artistic vision. She also used to live in the United Arab Emiates where she was teaching at Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi. She started to shoot experimental webseries over there.

Now she lives in France again and deepen her art career. About literature, she wrote her first novel about France and California during the gold rush and the modern times. About web and cinema, she created a new webseries called "Scribo" and directed her first short comedy "Bumper" that is a preparation for a feature film. Nirina is also a painter, an actress and dreams to go to Mars soon.

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