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Christos Paridis

Best International Feature Film Jury

Christos Paridis.png

Christos Paridis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he spent most of his life. There, he first came in touch with the art of cinema through art galleries, and from a very early age while attending the International Film Festival.

He studied Theater and Film at Bard College in New York, with which he never connected professionally, except through journalism while conversing with great artists, writers, and thinkers.
Although he initially started writing reviews in ‘Cinema Notebooks’ (Κινηματογραφικά Τετράδια), along the way, he continued with the presentation of important, old, and new creators for the magazine of Thessaloniki ‘SL’. Gradually, this became his main occupation before he even realized it. Since then he has written for pioneering magazines and the most important Greek newspapers.

He currently lives in Athens which he loves very much for her diversity and multiculturalism. He mainly collaborates with Freepress ‘Lifo’, as a cultural editor, covering everything that has to do with theater, cinema, literature, arts, and society in all its forms.

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