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Need No More

Nominated for Best Music Video

Directed by Leo Sa

4' • Taiwan • 2021

Language: Chinese, English

The video uses semiotics to express how six girls deal with difficulties and challenges in relationships. In the beginning, the girls are trapped in wooden boxes as if they were trapped in their feelings. Eventually, they escape the boxes and what are in front of them to embrace a wider world. This demonstrates the free and brave image of neofeminism. The personaly lip-sync element also shows the different reaction the six girls have when they face difficulties in their love lives. This includes developing a paradoxical personality, having an optimistic mindset, being closed-off and represses emotions, immersing in nature to heal a broken heart, having an extremely high self-expectation, seeking for self-trancedancy and self- realisation. These different reactions allows audience to see the different mentality people tend to have when facing relationships.

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